Preserving Your
Hunting Legacy


Your Chance to Renew or Begin Your Hunting Heritage!

The American Heritage Hunting Club (AHHC) is a licensed shooting preserve located between Eagle Bend and Parkers Prairie, Minnesota. Rooted in preserving our hunting legacy, we have 240 natural habitat acres readily available for your recreational use. Conveniently located in Central Minnesota, we are easily accessible to those coming from the Twin City area or from anywhere in Minnesota.

AHHC is open to the public for day use, or for the year on an annual membership basis.

200 Acre Licensed Shooting Preserve

American Heritage Hunting Club members and day guests enjoy year-round access to:
(no license or stamps required, no bag limits)

  • Pheasant Hunting
  • Chukar Hunting
  • Deer Hunting - Archery & Muzzeleloader (MN Seasons, license required)

Amenities Includes:

  • Trap & Skeet Shooting
  • Clubhouse
  • Guides & Dogs
  • Dog Training Areas
    (Both water and dry land)
  • Certified Rifle Range
  • Nearby Snowmobile Trails
  • Overnight Lodging
  • Bird Cleaning & Freezing
  • Archery Range
  • Nearby Fishing on 100's of Lakes

A Place For Memories To Begin!

As hunting land, open to the public, diminishes and game populations dwindle, the American Heritage Hunting Club is here to keep traditions alive. It’s a friendly place where hunters become life-long friends; where folks from all walks of life, income and skill levels develop and share common bonds. Individuals, families, groups, organizations and businesses come to American heritage Hunting. Club for summer getaways, annual get-togethers and to certain out-of-state guests - where we can provide them a Minnesota hunting experience at its best. No group is too small for us to fulfill your needs.

Minnesota is steeped in the heritage of hunting and outdoor sporting activities. American Heritage Hunting Club strives to keep that way of life available for this generation and also as a place for future generations to begin and develop their hunting heritage.

Activities at AHHC requires reservations.

We are your source for pheasant, chukars, and mallard ducks to use for dog training.

The American Heritage...

“I remember those first trips to the farm to pheasant hunt with my father and brothers. Carrying an unloaded gun, the gun safety classes, the many missed shots, my first rooster and the fine pheasant dinners that my mother made. I can remember the pride in my father’s eyes years later, as we shared stories and relived each experience, warmed by the fire on a cold Minnesota winter day.

I was fortunate to have grown up with a deep appreciation of the outdoors, and the legacy of our great American natural resources and wildlife. My feelings of disappointment at the reality of reduced populations of game, dwindling habitats and places to hunt is so disappointing to me. This is why we started the American Heritage Hunting Club. Make the American Heritage Hunting Club a place for your memories to begin and traditions to last.”

— Don Ellwanger